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Shiqi Squabs

Last updated by chinatravel at 12/17/2016

The squabs of Shiqi are famous for their big figures and rich flavor, and they are popular in Hong Kong and Macao. Gourmets are very fond of squabs cooked in restaurants and hotels of Shiqi District. Squabs braised in brown sauce cooked by Fuhua Palace Restaurant of Zhonglu Group is especially famous for its golden color and rich flavor, people who have tasted them are all very satisfied with this squab braised in brown sauce. Another kind is squab braised with Chinese wolfberry, characteristic of this dish is that the squab is quite soft besides of the tasty soup. For the purpose of attracting guests, many restaurants manage to develop new way of squabs cooking, such as the burnt hung squab, fried squabs, brine squab and so on, these different kinds of squabs are all very popular.