Zhongwei Attractions

Remotely located in the midwest region of Ningxia, Zhongwei City is a small region with spectacular landscapes. Several years ago, little known to the outside world, and rarely visited by tourists, yet actually this city has many imposing attractive features that will offer you a great travel experience. You'll be fascinated by the mystique of its stunning grasslands and you can enjoy the diverse cultures there.

This scarcely populated region features a large variety of landscapes, such as taking a goatskin raft at the spectacular Shapotou scenic zone. It is really a good trip sitting on these simple goatskin dinghies and listening to the folk songs. Still you can appreciate the magnificent architectural styles of Zhongwei Gaomiao Temple.

There are numerous sand dunes that rise to an altitude of over 90 meters. To climb them requires a lot of physical strength, because the sand under your feet is constantly sliding. At high noon, the sand is hot, and stepping on it can help your body relax. You can enjoy camel rides, dune sliding or simply building sand castles in the Gorge. If that's not enough, try parasailing to get a bird's eye view of the vast desert.

Then how about taking a detour and riding upon those rolling sand dunes in the golden Tengger dessert? There you can get to appreciate the gorgeous desert sunset along the way as well as many other fantastic desert landscapes. It is also an echoing sand mountain which will be singing when people sliding down the slope.

Meanwhile, you can't miss the chance to visit Tonghu Grassland Resort where you could make a wonderful campsite night. Apart from those wonderful activities in the desert, you may also enjoy many other interesting aquatic sports in Honghe Water Amusement Park where you can obtain more fun in hot days.

There are still a lot of worthy tourist attractions. Zhongwei City is now developing tourist industry with unique features and has been receiving positive responses from both domestic and overseas travelers. Tourists can now enjoy themselves by riding on the back of a camel, searching for water in the desert, participating in a bonfire party, and drifting on sheep-skin rafts.