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Honghe Water Amusement Park

Last updated by chinatravel at 2015/11/4

Despite the hot and dry weather in Zhongwei City, the Yellow River is still able to produce a bit of fun for tourists. At Shapotou, where dunes from the Tengger Desert spill down to water's edge, there is a large amusement park- Honghe Water Amusement Park. It is 3 kilometers away from Zhongwei city, neighboring the River Bank Park on the east and connecting the Xindun Village on the west. There are many interesting activities, such as barge touring, rafting and so on. That water amusement park has now attracted hundreds of thousands of tourists from home and abroad every year.

Approaching to Honghe Water Amusement Park, you will find yourself involved in an absolutely "mad" house. You will see throngs of tourist groups pouring out of buses all the time, and people in the park will splash water to each other to enjoy the coolness. Camels are milling around in the high temperature heat, and children are dripping ice cream all over the place. When closing to the cool park, all of a sudden the green grass, sunshine, fresh air and water will get an intimate contact with you in the hot desert. So many people think highly of it as a paradise dotted in the Tengger Desert.

Besides enjoying the cool feeling in the park, you can also play many other kinds of wonderful risky games like bungee jumping, pirate ships, big apple ships, space chairs and so on. Those various activities will absolutely bring you thrilling experience.

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At Shapotou scenic area

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