Luoshan Nature Reserve

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In 1980s, Ningxia classifies Luoshan as a provincial nature reserve. At that time, the total area of this reserve is 108000 mu. The area of the forest land is 37000 mu. In the previous years, because the farmers and herdsmen living around Luoshan breed goats in large quantity, so the ecology in Luoshan seriously deteriorates, the forestry moves upward, and the grassland is violated. Released by the media, this circumstance calls the attention of local government and relevant departments. Protective and restrictive measures are taken. The ecology in Luoshanhas been restored tentatively. In order to better protect the local forest resources, at present the state promotes Luoshan as a state-level nature reserve and enlarges the area to 33710 ha. Luoshan nature reserve mainly protects ecological systems of three major types, forest, prairie, and desert, which are represented by Qinghai spruce and Chinese pine.

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It is located in Luoshan, Tongxin County, the southern part of Ningxia.

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Take a bus at Zhongwei city to get to Tongxin county, and then go there by chartering a car from Tongxin County.

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