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A section lasting for 55 kms to the west of Yingshuiqiao Town, the urban area of Zhongwei City is in the southeast frontier of Tengger Desert. On the way, all yuou see are mobile large dunes ranging from several meters to dozens of meters high. Standing on the high dune, you see the one train after another marching forward in the golden sea of sand as iron dragons. This is one of the eight new sights of Zhongwei, Tielongyuesha (Trains Passing Through Sand as Iron Dragon). In 1950s, Baolan railway is being built formally. In Shatoupo, Zhongwei, where the railway must go through, there is a zone of mobile sand that is eighty to one hundred meters thick. The yellow sand here is exposed and quite mobile. The dunes are crisscrossed. The dunes rising and falling in turn form a vast sea of sand. The railway may be swallowed by mobile sand any minute.In order to overcome this difficult problem on a world scale and perform a miracle, the ministry of railway and Chinese academy of sciences organize scientists and technicians, railway construction staff, and local people to overcome this unprecedented difficult problem. Through the joint effort of scientists, technicians and local people, a famous sand-control way, “checks of wheatgrass”, is created in practice. In the sand-control process of more than 40 years, a best sand-control way is created through continuous consolidation, summing up of experiences, and improvement. This sand-control way combines man-made, mechanical, and biological sand-control ways. “Shatoupo sand-control mode” is created. This mode combines fives zones in one, highly vertical bars sand-blocking zone, sand-sealing and grass-raising zone, sand-hindering plants zone, irrigation forestation zone, and fireproof cobble zone. The savage demon of sand is effectively controlled. A wonder of sand-control is made in history.

The special sight, Tielongyuesha (Trains Passing Through Sand as Iron Dragon) and Shatoupo sand-control achievement together is claimed as “miracle in the world”. Since 1970s, groups of experts, scholars and important officials of government around the world gather in Shatoupo. They prospect on the spot, study the miracle of Tielongyuesha (Trains Passing Through Sand as Iron Dragon), and become excited again and again by that simple fact; wheatgrass checks can control the savage demon of sand. They again and again give out such exclamations, “Chinese are great”, and“Shatoupo is worthy the name of the world sand capital and the world’s best sand-control project”. The miracle of Tielongyuesha (Trains Passing Through Sand as Iron Dragon)takes its place in the world through their oral spreading. The world people see the hope for sand-control.

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It is situated in a section lasting for 55 kms to the west of Yingshuiqiao Town, Zhongwei.

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