Waterwheel at Yellow River

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Waterwheel at Yellow River is situated at the river bend of Yellow River, 7 miles away from Shapotou Scenic Area. It is well known for its six reconstructed wooden giant waterwheels along the Yellow River. Being there, tourists can have an access to know about how residents along the Yellow River irrigate with waterwheels.

Before the invention of modern pumps, there would have been thousands of waterwheels, large and small, along the Yellow River. But today most of those waterwheels have been broken and unused, and then Waterwheel at Yellow River is only designed as a tourist attraction for displaying the ancient farming culture of China. Standing beside the waterwheels, you can hear great high voices sent out by them.

As you know, for thousands of years the Yellow River has been a "working river" or "mother river", contributing a lot to the farming production of northwestern and central China. The primary use of the river was irrigation, and the vital means for getting water from the river to the ditches above was through a remarkable contraption, which was known as waterwheel.

Seen from the picture, a waterwheel looks like a narrow version of a paddlewheel on an old steamboat, but unlike a paddlewheel, it does its work without the assistance of a steam engine. It is totally operated by the river's water current that pushes the paddles on the waterwheel, so the waterwheel turns continuously again and again. Meanwhile, buckets were built into, or attached to the paddles, for the use of scooping water from the river. When the buckets reach the top of the waterwheel, they spilled the water into a flume, then the water would be transported through the flume to irrigate farmland.

Touring the sight of Waterwheel at Yellow River is absolutely a fantastic experience. It is truly a good place for getting amazing picture of ancient tools (waterwheel) with your modern tools (your camera).

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Waterwheel at Yellow River is situated at the river bend of Yellow River, 7 miles away from Shapotou Scenic Area.

How to Get There?

Take a direct bus from Shapotou Bus Station

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15 Yuan

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all day

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