Zhongwei Gaomiao Temple

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It was first established in the years of Yongle in Ming Dynasty, and named “New Temple”. In the fall of 48 of Kangxi in Qing Dynasty (1710 A.D.), it was rebuilt because it broke down in an earthquake. The construction of it continued in the second year of Daoguang, the third of Xianfeng, and the eighth of Guangxu. It was renamed “Yuhuang Temple”. When annex was made in the early years of the Republic of China, it was renamed “Gaomiao Temple”. It covers 2510 square meters. It is a group of ancient buildings with intact mould and majestic atmosphere. The Gaomiao Temple faces south. It is a temple combining three religions in one. All the main buildings are on an axis. One level leans to another and rises little by little. The subsidiary buildings situated on both sides are symmetrical and balanced. The main buildings and subsidiary buildings are connected by overline bridges, and are full of variations. On the high board of only more than 2000 square meters, about 900 worship halls with different types and styles, nine-bridged Xieshan, four-angled Zanjian, crossed Xieshan, the top of general’s helmet, and so on. The whole group of buildings is famous for the exquisiteness of its worship halls, the mutual contact of eaves teeth, the high raised upturned roof-ridge, and the bended corridors in neat order. It is really a masterpiece of ancient buildings in Ningxia. The uniqueness of the Gaomiao Temple resides not only in its perfect modeling, but also in its combining three religions, Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism, in one. There are altogether 174 sculptures of religious images of all kinds. Theose sculptures are so lifelike and exquisite that they dazzle the beholders. The Gaomiao Temple hell is one of the four ghost towns. Entering into the inferno is both exciting and marvelous. It is another spectacle to climb up the highest floor of Zhongwei Gaomiao Temple. Gazing far into the sky, the black spreads and the blue floats. The desert, the Yellow River, and the great wall fall under your eye. At close range, the rosy clouds are slowly rising. While at far range, the tinkling of camel bell floated from sea of desert sounds profound and sweet.

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It is on the high board connecting city walls, the northern part of Zhongwei City.

How to Get There?

The Gaomiao Temple is close to Zhongwei railway station.

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RMB 15 without a guide, RMB30 with a guide

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