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Nvwa Ancient City

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Nvwa, a goddess in Chinese mythology, kneaded clay to make human beings, refined stones to repair the sky and gave birth to everything. She also invented instruments of Sheng and Huang. The book of Shibenzuopian has records about these stories. The book Shuowen says:” Wa is a goddess in ancient times, she is the person who gives birth to everything”. Chinese archeologists hold the idea that Niuwashi is the leader of a tribe. It belongs to Yangshao civilization, and is in sixty or seventy years ago.According to the records of the historical books and folk tales, the department of cultural relics excavated this relic of ancient city through long-term surveys.

The shape of the city is square, consists of two floors. The wall of the city was built by piles of stones. With a width of eight meters, the highest point of the existing wall is three meters. Numerous kettles, pots, tripods, urns, tiles and others of the Spring and Autumn Period (770 B.C.-476 B.C.) have been evacuated. Obviously, the city at that time was magnificent and the life of the people was affluent. This precious ancient cultural relic is listed as an important provincial-level reserve.

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