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Taihao Mausoleum

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Lies in the bank of the ancient bank of Caihe River, Taihao Mausoleum is a resplendent and magnificent palace-style ancient architectural complex, the constructions in the mausoleum are grand and the palaces are lofty. The ancient cypresses are reaching the sky and the pine trees are evergreen.

Taihao Fuxi is one of the earliest legendary rulers of keen intelligence and excellent judgment. He is “The Top of The Hundreds of Emperors”, among the Three Emperors and in the top position of the Five Sovereigns. Thanks to his intelligence and wisdom, he has made great contributions to the transition of matriarchy to patriarchal society, the transition of barbarism to civilization. Thus, the offspring call him “Primogenitor”,” Originator of Civilization”.

The existing constructions in the mausoleum are the architecture in the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644). The structure is similar to the imperial palace of Ming Dynasty (1368–1644). It can be divided into the outward city and the inside city, the inside city is called the Forbidden City and the outward city is called imperial city. Inside the city, the ancient cypresses are standing along the street, numerous inscriptions erecting and the tolls and drumbeat can be heard from the distant. Tongtian Hall can also be called as audience hall or the front hall. Occupying an area of 390 square kilometers, it is the biggest building in the mausoleum. Inside the hall, there are high shrines and the statue of Fuxi, surrounded by the statues of Shennong, the Yellow Emperor, Shaohao and Zhuan Xu. With a height of more than twenty meters, the perimeter of the Taihao Mausoleum is 150 meters. The crest of Taihao Mausoleum is circular and the bottom is foursquare, symbolize the concept of “Hemispherical Dome Cosmology”. A stone inscription of Song Dynasty (960–1279) is erecting in the front of the mausoleum. It is one meter in width and five meters in height. The characters of “The Mausoleum of Taihao Fuxi” are carved on the stone inscription. It is said that the inscription is made by Suxiaomei with a piece of cloth.

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Taihao Mausoleum lies in the Huaiyang County of Zhoukou. It costs twenty Yuan from Kaifeng by bus, eight Yuan from Zhoukou. Please remember to ask the driver or conductor to remind you to get off the bus in Taihao Mausoleum. Be sure asking the correct direction. Three minutes’ walk will arrive to it.

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Recommendatory Touring Time: half of a day

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