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Taiqing Palace

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The surname of Lao Zi is Li, and his name is Er. He styled himself Baoyang. After his death, his posthumous title is Dan. He was born in Lixiangqurenli (now Taiqing Palace of Luyi County) of Ku County of Chu State in the later years of the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476 B.C.). Taiqing means heaven for Taoists. It is said that it is the place where supernatural beings live. So, Taoism always named their palace after Taiqing. Established in the 8th year of Emperor Yanxi period of Eastern Han Dynasty (in 165 AD), the memorial building of the native place of Lao Zi was called Lao Zi Temple at first, and then it was changed into Memorial Temple of Lao Zi. The founder of Tang Dynasty (619-906 A.D.), Liyuan, worshiped Lao Zi as the grandfather and named Lao Zi Temple as Tai Temple. He built imperial palaces and halls. In the 30th year of Kaiyuan of Tang Dynasty (619-906 A.D.), Lilongji changed “Ziji Palace” into Taiqing Palace officially till now.

There are five hundred meters between the front palace and the back palace of Taiqing Palace. In the middle of the two palaces, the Qingjing River, which means “peaceful and tranquil” according to Lao Zi, runs from the east to the west. Over the Qingjing River, Huixian Bridge connects the front palace and the back palace. The two palaces occupy an area of 872 mu. More than 600 buildings in various styles and numerous halls boast magnificent and splendid scenery. The center of the front palace is Taiji Hall. The relic of Lao Zi MuniuChang is in the east, the relic of Yingyang Mountain is in the west, and Jiubujing Well is in the middle of the front palace. They are all existent now. The statue of Lao Zi is standing in the hall. An iron pillar inside the hall is 15 meters in height and 25 centimeters in diameter, people call it “Ganshanbian”. Actually, it is a symbol of the duty of “Zhuxiashi” of Lao Zi. After the “Jingkang Uprising”, Taiqing Palace was destroyed by the peasant uprising for several times. But it was rebuilt in the coming dynasties.

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Luyi County, Zhoukou City

How to Get There?
take a coach at Zhoukou Railway Station and get off at Luyi County

Ticket Price:

60 yuan per person

Opening Hours:
8:30 am to 21:00 pm

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Recommendatory Touring Time: one day

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