Jintai Temple

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General Introduction

Jintai Temple is located in the south foot of Huangyang peak, the highest peak of Doumen county in Zhuhai city, also known as “the first peak alone the gateway of the Pear River” with a height of 583 meters. The Yexi highways alone the coast offers easy access to the foot of the mountain.

Looking outside from afar through the bus window on the Yexi highway, what comes to your eyes is only the green mountain, when the bus comes closer to the mountain, you will see a magnificent ancient architecture with the orange-colored glass roof tiles. This striking building is the Jintai Temple, located on the foot of Huangyang Mountain where “the general took off his armor”. Get off the route bus, then ascend the stairs for more than three hundred stone steps, you will see the magnificent Grand Hall of the Great Hero, where there is a glorious Buddha statue.

Jintai Temple, also called Jintai Jingshe in the past, is one of Huangyang attractions. Huangyang attractions include Cha Tian Tu Cui, Spring Cold Water, The First Stone Door, Barefoot in Oz, Bottomless Pit, Jintai Silver Waterfall, Huanhai Jingmian and Yezi Mountain. Overlooking the Yamen seaport and lying at the back of the highest peak of Huangyang Mountain, Jintai Temple has unique picturesque sceneries.

The White Tiger Mountain extends far to the right of Jintai Temple, and Green Dragon Mountain wind to the left. On the reverse side of the Huanghai Mountain, is a high projecting rock called “Dengxian Rock”. It is from where that the legendary king of Doumen ascended to heaven and become immortal. Monks in Jintai Temple are patriotism and helpful to the masses. Every year, monks of Jintai Temple send basic household items to orphan and the aged in the nearby towns and villages.


Feisha Beach: Feisha beach, a beautiful beach, is one of the great wonders in the southland, and the natural coastline navigation mark of the ancient maritime Silk Road. Located in the west part of zhuhai city, Feisha beach is about 600 meters long and 200 meters wide, with broad hinterland and lush Sub-tropical plants.

Su Manshu Former Residence: Su Manshu, a modern writer, translator and poet. The residence is located in Lixi Village, Qianshan County, Zhuhai City, covering an area of 40 square meters. Su Manshu Former Residence was chosen as cultural relic protection units of Zhuhai in 1986.

The Huanglong Temple: Luo Fu Shan Huanglong Temple, known as the largest Taoist temple in southern China, was constructed and invested by Hong Kong businessmen. It is a grand view in Guangdong province, located in northwest of Boluo County. The legend of Huanglong Cave can dated back to a long time ago. There are two halls ancestral hall and Taoist college in Huanglong Temple.

Special local product

With costal location, the special local product is certainly the seafood. The most famous seafood in Zhuhai, it is none other than the oyster. The autumn of each year is the best season to eat oyster meat for at that time oyster meat is the most fertile. After satisfied enjoy oyster meat, you can also bring some dried seafood to friends and family.

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Doumen District of Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province

How to Get There?

You can take route bus No.609 from Xiangzhou Bus Station to Jintai Temple, or you can take route bus No.601 from Gongbei in Zhuhai city, and get off at Jinan Bus Station, then take No.402 to Jintai Temple.

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