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Visiting the Guangdong Province will introduce tourists to a lot of wonderful sceneries and impressive locations. Though the Zhuhai Province is not as famous as the other destinations in China, this place also boasts of so many great sights.

The Zhuhai Province is proud of the beauty that Zhuhai Seaside Park has. This location can be considered as the melting pot of modern loveliness and traditional appeal

For people who would like to have a romantic evening or those who are seeking for a tranquil place to stay, the Zhuhai Seaside Park is the right spot to go to. During the day, the surroundings are adorned by enigmatic establishments which cater to local and foreign visitors. When night falls, the natural beauty of the place is highlighted even more because of the glistening water that goes perfectly with the cool breeze.

Things To Do

The areas around the Zhuhai Seaside Park are captivating. Every single corner of the place is worthy of a photograph because of the amazing view. Though it is considered as an urban area because of all the commercial establishments nearby, this place has successfully maintained its natural beauty. The water by the Xianglu Bay is a tranquil sight. Hence, staying close to the graceful waves can eliminate all worries and stress.

The entire stretch of the bay is also covered with lush greeneries. Hence, there is no need to spend much to be able to enjoy the stay in the Zhuhai Seaside Park. In the early morning and in the afternoon, there are a lot of people who walk leisurely along the bay. It is also entertaining to watch the small boats which sail on the silvery and glistening water. Because of the impressive beauty that the bay has, tourists would barely feel that hours have already passed by.
The enigmatic appeal of the Zhuhai Seaside Park is heightened even more because of the gulls which are seen flying around. Most of these have found their habitat among the trees which grow close to the bay. There are months when the population of the birds increases because some of the migratory birds stop by the bay for rest or breeding.  

Since the Zhuhai Seaside Park has become a popular destination, there are also diners, café and restaurants along the bay. It is a must to try out some of the sumptuous dishes which these food places serve. The local and international cuisines will bring so much delight to the taste buds.

Fishing Girl Statue

The statue of the fishing girl is a renowned landmark in Zhuhai Seaside Park. This is an overscale creation which showcases the lovely figure of a lady. Both her hands are held up to raise the pearl up in the air. It seems like the statue is proud to showcase the beautiful pearl and offer it for the entire world to see. The fishing girl is also decorated with a necklace on her neck and a fishing net that is wrapped around her waist.

Because this statue is very attractive, it has become as the symbol for Zhuhai. This 8.7 meters statue is made of 70 pieces of granite and the total weight is 10 tons. Though this artwork still looks great until today, it was actually created decades ago. In fact, this sculpture is known as the first large-scale seaside statue in the entirety of China.

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It is located between Haibin South Road and Xianglu Road of Zhuhai

How to Get There?

From Xianzhou, take the bus route 2, 4, 13, 20 or 43. Get off the bus once it gets to the park.

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Opening Hours:

All day

More Tips:

The best time to visit the Zhuhai Seaside Park is during the afternoons because the establishments are open and the cool breeze is very relaxing.

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