Shijing Mountain

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How often do you see a stunning natural landscape that is close or even within the city? These days it’s quite difficult to find one since lands in urban areas are often maximized—that is, there’s a huge chance they have already been converted into buildings or residential complexes with equally modern amenities around it. However, if you happen to find yourself in the Guangdong Province, especially in the city of Zhuhai, then you’ll discover something incredible and stunning: Shijing Mountain Park.

Shijing Mountain Park is very hard to ignore. It’s highly recommended by the locals, as well as the tourists who sometimes keep on coming back within the area. What makes it a real standout from the other land forms in the country is its very unique formations and landscapes.

The mountain itself, which is over 5,500 square meters, is often called the “Xiniuwangyue mountain,” simply because from a distance it appears like a rhinoceros. The horn is actually the main rock, the range becomes the body, while the mouth is the peak. At night, it seems that rhinoceros is acknowledging or even perhaps revering the beauty of the moon. But this is not the only image you’ll see when you’re in the mountains. Others have talked about a panda, a lion, a hawk, and a tiger. Since it’s also common among the Chinese to tie a story to its natural attractions, the myths only make the range even more intriguing and worth visiting by many.

What to Do

If you’re the adventurous type, then definitely you’ll find great joy in traversing the many different paths until you reach the top of the mountain. There you can take in what is perhaps one of the best views you’ll ever see in your life. You can see the entire city as well as beyond it such as the greens and even the islands.

First-time tourists and those who are looking for more comfort or groups can simply choose a tour that traverses the famous ropeway. It’s simply a long winding road that still gives you an excellent view of what the mountain range can offer. The ropeway actually begins at the mountain’s foot. You don’t have to worry about security since the road is beautifully paved.

The travel time can take hours, particularly during the peak season. You can expect plenty of buses as well as private cars within the area. You can choose between one full day of tour and two days, which also covers the rest of the attractions within the city. For instance, from the mountains, you can proceed to the Yunju Temple, which is famous for the more than 100 new buildings that have been destroyed in order to bring back the original form of the complex.

On the mountain peak, you can also find an area that is filled with locks. Perhaps inspired by the Locks of Love in France, visitors bring along locks and attach them to the boulder in the hopes their dreams will become a reality. There are already sellers of locks in the mountains, but they can be expensive, so it’s better to bring your own.

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How to Get There?

Take Bus 605, 206, 20, 13, and 2.

Ticket Price:

RMB30 (round trip)

Opening Hours:

9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

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