Zhuhai Imperial Hot Spring Resort

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Located at Doumen County, Yu Hot Spring, a marvelous multifunctional open-air hot spring, is the best holiday resort. It has more than a dozen of hot spring pools of different types and characteristics. Nine garden-style suites with separate hot spring pool are offered to distinguished guests. Tourist can select pure natural hot spring or those with some other elements. Other facilities include deluxe health center, steam bath room, sauna and commodious lobby. Visitors can receive traditional medical massage in the 40 first class massage rooms on the second floor, so as to enhance medical effect after taking hot spring bath.

According to test by experts, the hot spring water is composed of many kinds of mineral trace elements, such as silicon acid, lithium, bromine, selenium and strontium. All of these have curative effects on many kinds of diseases. The Yu Hot Spring also has 60 holiday suites in Japanese style, a Chinese food restaurant, multifunctional halls and a fishing pond.

Imperial Hot Spring Resort is located near the Huangyang Dadao in Doumen Township. It is popular for its two hot springs at the temperature of 70¡ãC and one is about 150 meters deep. The hot water contains rare minerals, beneficial to human health. The resort has built a few medicinal and fragrant pools as well as a variety of other hot pools. There are hotels with massage, sauna and various entertainments, where visitors can fully enjoy themselves and feel thoroughly relaxed.

Zhuhai Imperial Hot Spring Resort is a four-star resort that incorporates the medical and health care science of China and foreign nations, historical sites and modern garden arts. It provides a healthy and leisure health preserving place for tourists with the individualist characteristics uniquely owned by the flourishing age of the Tang Dynasty and the leading hot spring leisure and tourism concept. According the written historical records, more than seven hundred years ago, the Emperor Zhao Bing and the royal family of the South Song Dynasty paid a visit to Jiangkou of Yamen (Doumen or whereabouts at present). They were attracted by the local graceful sceneries and issued an imperial order to set up palaces there. At that time, there was an exotic spring there, which was warm all the year around. It was said that the hot waves, which came at face like permeating immortal air, could cure all diseases. They sure felt refreshing and comfortable after bathing in the hot spring. Therefore the hot spring is called “holy water”. In order to in memory of the history of the Emperor of the Song Dynasty taking an imperial bath here, people gave the spring a respectful name of “imperial spring”. In February of 1998, the Imperial Hot Spring, the first Japanese style outdoor hot spring in China, was developed and opened, which opened up the new fashion of hot spring tourism in China. The “imperial” of the Imperial Hot Spring has a profound meaning. Taking tourists as the Emperors is the second implied meaning of the word. The spring has a history of nearly a thousand years. According to the test of experts, the Imperial Hot Spring contains rich mineral trace elements like CaSiO, which is beneficial to the health of human body. It has special effects in curing diseases, such as neurologic ostealgia and rheumatism. Moreover, it has health care functions of relaxing and activating the tendons, building body, face preserving, soothing the nerves and arresting convulsion, and anti-aging, etc.


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The traffic from the urban areas of Zhuhai to the Imperial Hot Spring Resort is very convenient. You can take express buses Route 602 and Route 609 there. The guests of the Imperial Hot Spring Resort can take the shuttle bus between the Imperial Hot Spring and the Jiuzhou Harbor, which is direct and quick.

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