Zhuhai International Circuit

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The Zuhai International Circuit is spread over an area of 4 sq km. It is current Asia’s best the newest circuit among the 6 A level tracks in Asia including one in Indonesia and 4 in Japan. 

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Zuhai International Circuit is located in Zuhai City’s Jin Ding Town in the Guangdong Province. In Zuhai, motorsports started when the city hosted a race in 1993 on its older street circuit. Racing continued till the year 1996, after which a racing circuit had been constructed. This became the first ever permanent race track in China that had been constructed with Formula One in consideration.

The Design 

The circuit had been designed by Kinhill Engineers, an Australian company. The same group was also responsible for designing Adelaide’s Formula One Circuit. Michael McDonough had been the project manager. The first ever international race to be held on this circuit had been the BPR Global Series. This circuit soon became very popular for local motorsports. Teams from Macau and Hong Kong set up their own bases here in the circuit garages at Zuhai International Circuit.

Track Layout

The circuit originally had 16 corners. However, corners 9, 8 and 7 were later eliminated after FIM made a change request for the track. The circuit is 2.67 miles long and includes 14 corners today. 9 of these corners are right turns while the remaining ones are left turns. The circuit goes clockwise and the shortest straight is 0.31 miles in length. The longest straight at Zuhai International Circuit is 900 meters long as well as 14 meters in width. 

Grade II Circuit 

Switzerland’s A1 Team rookie driver Alexandre Imperatori had once suggested that the circuit had plenty of overtaking places due to the combinations of tight corners, hand braking hairpin areas and straights, followed by acceleration for the longer straights. For this circuit, the successful driver would be one who can manage the brake wear. The circuit is current a Grade II FIA certified circuit.

The Four Layers 

Zuhai International Circuit consists of four main layers. The circuit’s bottom layer is 15 cm thick and is made from detritus. The next two layers are made with asphalt concrete while the layer on top is made with bituminous pavement. All the layers use the most advanced materials with very high melting points. This is one of the reasons why the track doesn’t get sticky even with very high temperatures. The entire circuit is 4.32 km in length and 12 m in width for the straights while 14 m width for the rest. For this track, the highest recorded speed has been 300 km/per hour.

The Principle Project 

Zuhai International Circuit’s principle project includes the news center, hall for distinguished guests, a medical center, maintenance center and a command center. The Zuhai International Circuit was officially opened in 1996 and the first ever international race to be held here had been China’s first ever Formula 1. The race had attracted 250 race cards and 300 automobile racers from around 19 countries. This included Ferrari motorcade, Porsche motorcade and McLaren motorcade. The race had 9 events like the China domestic race, Asia Formula Circuit, Southeast house challenge and GT endurance race.

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Jin Ding town, Zhuhai City

How to Get There?

The Zuhai International Circuit has its own bus stop. Visitors can reach Zuhai International Circuit by taking bus number 69, 68, 66, 10 and 3.

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More Tips:

Check the racing events before visiting the Zuhai International Circuit. Tickets might have to be purchased for some of these events.

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