Zhuhai Ocean Spring

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Zhuhai Ocean Spring is next to the ocean and consists of two regions, indoor and outdoor. It is a hot spring pool convergence of over 80 various styles from all over the world. Basing on the basic idea of Ocean, Hot Spring, Health,
Entertainment, World Travel and the blending of east and west architectural culture essence, ancient architectural culture and modern design idea, the ocean spring resort is presented as the romantic Mediterranean style by taking hot spring facilities of the existing or ever existed in the history from the worldwide as the motif architectural background, Morocco architectural style as the main part.

Enjoying a great reputation of The Best Springs in Nan Sea, the ocean spring is a rare quality submarine hot springs with an area of 40,000 square meters. The spring comes from the depths of the ocean, flowing endless year after year. The hot spring water contains much mineral contents and trace elements good for health. It is a great joy to enjoy the hot spring in the sea and experience a variety of world’s hot spring culture under the sunshine at the same time.

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Ocean Spring Bay, Erhushan, Pingsha Town, Jinwan District

How to Get There?

There are Line S and Line N respectively that can reach the Ocean Spring Resort. It costs about 60 minutes.
Line S:
Tangjia Station—Yangming Square—Jiuzhou City—Jiuzhou Harbor—Gongbei Port (before 22:35 stay at the Zhonglv Bus Stop of -2 floor; after 22:15 stay in front of Shijingshan Travel Agency)—Zhuhai Ocean Spring Resort
Operation Time: 7:50-21:50(both at Yangming Square), every other 20-30 minutes/bus
Line N:
Xiangzhou Bus Station—Small gate of Sports Center—QianShanHuoLi Hotel—NanPingNanWan International Hotel—Zhuhai Ocean Spring Resort
Operation Time: 8:00-20:00, every other 30-40 minutes/ bus.
20 yuan/adult for a single trip; 36 yuan/adult for a round trip;
Children between 1.1 meters-1.4 meters, soldiers with disability, people over the age of 60 with related certificates: 13 yuan/ person for a single trip.

Ticket Price:

120 yuan/ person

Opening Hours:

all day

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