Zhuhai Ocean World

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There is no need to dive deep into the ocean or go to unexplored areas just to be able to witness the beauty that lies under the sea. A few hours spent at the Zhuhai Ocean World will make anyone feel like he has explored the farthest part of the sea. This is a place which bursts with so many wonderful things because of all the underwater creatures which have found peaceful habitat in here.

The construction of the Zhuhai Ocean World did cost millions but it was an investment that is absolutely worth it. This attraction is not only a place which magnets thousands of visitors per day. It has also helped in the preservation of sea creatures and has assisted in their reproduction. More importantly, the Zhuhai Ocean World has contributed in research and education.

The entire area that is covered by the Zhuhai Ocean World is almost up to 2,000 square meters. The total area is subdivided to different sections. That way, visitors would be able to have a thrilling experience when they visit this popular attraction.

Things To Do

The Zhuhai Ocean World may play a very significant role when it comes to tourism. However, its more important role is to help out in providing more in-depth marine education not just for the young, but also for the young at heart. Because of this place, more and more people are becoming aware of the scientific researches and further studies about marine life and creatures. What made it even better is the fact that information can be obtained in a very fun way.

The mere entrance of the Zhuhai Ocean World is very impressive. It is not just the sea creatures which are featured in this place. The exhibit also includes different types of corals which are beautifully displayed for everyone to admire.

There is also a majestic tunnel in the Zhuhai Ocean World. Passing through this tunnel makes guests feel that they are really deep in the ocean and that the sea creatures are swimming around them. The only difference is that tourists would not get wet while watching the sea creatures swim around.

The Zhuhai Ocean World also features mimicry of the underwater settings. Careful architecture and thorough research allowed them to recreate a realistic marine world. There are intricate rock formations and cave-like structures. These are not only for aesthetic purposes because these also serve as habitat for the fishes, especially the smaller ones.

The coral exhibit is also very interesting. There are rare varieties of corals which can be seen in Zhuhai Ocean World. These are protected and taken cared of. The coral reefs add an interesting combination of various hues which brighten up the place even more. These come in different sizes and shapes. Hence, visitors can let their imagination run wild by thinking about the figures that are being formed by the coral reefs.

This is a great place for children. At an early age, they would be able to have heightened appreciation about the ocean and all the living things in it. That way, they can contribute in the preservation of nature. For families, as well as individuals, this is a fun place to visit because it offers overflowing entertainment. It is impossible not to be captivated by the swift yet graceful movements of the fishes and other sea creatures.

Solo Adventure Tips:


Close to the to the Macau Sightseeing Port, Wanzai, Zhuhai

How to Get There?

From the main roads of the city, take Bus No. 30 and 60

Ticket Price:

140 CNY

Opening Hours:

9:00 am to 5:00 pm

More Tips:

It is recommended to dedicate at least an entire day to be able to explore the entirety of the Zhuhai Ocean World and see all the attractions inside.


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