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Zhuhai Food

Last updated by  at 2017/4/18

Zhuhai Featured Food:

Hengqin Oysters

Offshore oysters live in the surrounding waters of the Hengqin Island. The water flows smoothly around the Hengqin Island, with adequate salinity and temperatures, full of nutrition with pollution, and therefore is ideal for oyster growth. The jumbo oyster is delicious, tender, sweet and fresh, and it’s famous for its large size, meaty body, white color, tender taste, and crisp texture at home and abroad. Oysters are a top marine product with rich nutrition and dietary values. It has good effects of strengthening the spleen and stomach, restoring qi, replenishing qi and blood, resolving the hard lumps, calming the liver and subduing yang and treating dizziness, sugar diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. it is also capable of preventing and curing diseases, such as curearteriosclerosis and cancer. Eating oysters regularly will make your skin lustrous, smooth, white and beautiful.

Mud Baked Chicken

The Cantonese have many innovations in eating chickens. There are salt baked chicken, cold steamed chicken, chicken with gravy, countryside chicken and roadside chicken. Even if they don’t number one in the country, it will not fall behind the third and the fourth. According to the expert, “mud-baked chicken” is refined and evolved from the famous dish of Changshu “beggar-like chicken”, which literally means the dish is made by wrapping chicken with mud.

The chickens are transported from Qingyuan and “not too large, not too small” ones are specially selected. They are exquisitely processed through many procedures. The mud-baked chicken served on the table is so fragrant as to make your mouth water. The flavor is to the marrow and well absorbed. As the saying goes, a good wine needs no bush.


Doumen Peeler Crab

Peeler crabs live in the salted and fresh waters. It is a rare seafood(a mere 1% can be selected). Its body glazes when cooked and the meat taste tender and fresh. It contains plenty of protein, and is an invigorating food well known in such areas as Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan and Zhuhai, etc.

Steamed Tench

Firstly, clean and scald the tench, make willow-leaf-pattern cuts in the sides, and place the ham slices, bamboo shoot slices, mushroom slices and shrimps in the cuts. Secondly, place scallion strips, ginger strip, lard and cooking wine on top of the fish. Thirdly, steam on a high heat for 15 minutes, put the tench on a plate, remove the scallion and ginger, and sprinkle with sesame oil.

Baiteng Lotus Roots

The lotus roots living in the Baiteng Lake area are a unique, natural, pollution-free and tonic crop. It is famous for its large size and pulpy texture without dregs in regions of Hongkong and Macao. Baiteng lotus roots are presented to relatives and friends as gifts and promoted on banquets. The dishes are “braised lotus roots with roast pork” and “braised lotus roots with frogs”.