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Zhuhai Shopping

Zhuhai Local Products:

Qianwu Gristle Strange Fish

It originates from the Puzu Pit or whereabouts of the Qianwu reservoirs. It has a similar shape to that of common strange fish. However, it has smooth body with a dent in the breast. After being cooked, it bones are transparent and milky in color, and taste like bean vermicelli. Its flesh tastes fresh, tender and delicious.

Nanping Crisp Tench

The Nanping crisp tench is cultivated with special methods. It is crisp and refreshing. It acquires it name from its place of origin, Nanping.

Huangjin Eel

It originates from the rivers along the coast of the Doumen County. Especially the reaches near Huangjin have the longest history of producing eels with the largest quantity of eels. Huangjin Eel has fat body and tender flesh. It sells well in Hongkong, Macau and Japan. It is crisp, fragrant and refreshing after being stir-fried and is glutinous, smooth and sweet after being stewed.

Oyster And Deishi Oyster Oil

Since the west bank of the mouth of the Pearl River is located at the juncture of salty waters and fresh waters, fresh oysters of Zhuhai are large in size with thick meat inside. They contain rich protein and mineral substance. Especially Dieshi oyster oil has a good market in Hongkong, Macao, Southeast Asia, Tanxiang Mountain and other places.

Xiaotuo Hill Orange

It abounds in the Xiaotuo Hill on the east side of the Huangyang Mountain. It is customary for the villagers to entertain the guests with tea and several oranges. Since the Xiaotuo Hill oranges have the effects of resolving phlegm, relieving a cough, causing diuresi, smoothing urine flow, whetting one's appetite and treating infantile malnutrition, it is very popular.

Huangyang Lichi

It originates from the forestry center of fruit trees on the west side of the Huangyang Mountain and Dongwan County in Lianxi. Huangyang Lichi is super large in size and thick in flesh, newton pippin in color. It is transparent, crisp, tender, refreshing, and faintly sweet like honey.

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