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Zhuhai Transport

Last updated by chinatravel  at 2017/6/19

Zhuhai Airport is located at the southwest tip of Sanzao Island in the West Zhuhai. The three sides of the airport are surrounded by the sea with an excellent clearance. It is 31 kilometers away from the urban areas. With all the indexes reaching the international advanced level, the airport has reached the standards of the international first-class civil airport. The air terminal has a building area of 92 thousand square meters. It is composed of the hall in general, the departure hall and the sightseeing hall. The embarking and disembarking passengers use different paths. As a modern airport, it has direct flights to and from more than 20 major cities, such as Chongqing, Shanghai, Guilin, Zhangjiajie, Beijing, Chengdu, Changsha, etc.

The boarding and deboarding spots of Zhuhai airport bus in urban areas:

    below the building of the Wanxin shopping plaza in Nankeng,Xiangzhou
    the ticket office of the Zhuhai airport on the Jiuzhou Avenue in Jida.
    the Jinqiao Mansion on the Jiuzhou Avenue in Jida
    the office of transport company of the Zhuhai airport
    the passenger and freight service center of the Zhuhai aiport in Zhongzhu Mansion ,     Gongbei

Zhuhai airport information desk:0756--7771580(departure),  0756--7771111(arrival)
Airport ticket office:0756—7771840


1.There will always a bus heading for the urban areas when every flight arrives at the Zhuhai airport,20yuan/person。

2.If you want to take a taxi, you can choose from the red ones with the license number of Yue C. Most of these taxis take passengers to the airport and the drivers are reluctant to return with an empty car. Therefore the taxi fare is relatively cheap and can be bargained at about 50yuan.

3.In front of the gate of the lawful agency there hangs a bronze plaque that reads "the Inland Air Transportation Business of China Civil Aviation and Transportation Corporation’s—appointed sales agent of Zhongnan management bureau "。Civil aviation business agencies without this plaque are unlawful institutions.

4.Most of the ticket offices in Zhuhai simultaneously act as an agent of the ticketing business of the Zhuhai airport, the Guangzhou Baiyun airport, and the Shenzhen airport.