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Zhuhai Transport

Last updated by chinatravel  at 2017/5/19

Although there are no railways in Zhuhai, there are many railway ticket offices, selling tickets for the trains starting from the Guangzhou railway station, which bring great convenience to the locals of Zhuhai. But be sure to choose the ticket offices where the internet’s networks have been linked up when buying the tickets, whereas all the railway ticket offices don’t deal with ticket returning. If you want to return a ticket, you have to go to the Guangzhou railway station.

The Zhuhai railway ticket office: 

Jielong railway ticket office         
address:the Haizhou passenger transport station on No.152 Zijing Road in the Xiangzhou District     
phone call:0756-2113844

Guangtong real property ageny of the Doumen District   
address:No.188 Zhongxing Road in Jing’an Town, Doumen District    
phone call:0756-5538452