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Leshan State Level Forest Park Scenic Spot

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Scenery of the scenic spot is unique and charming: primeval secondary forests cover the whole mountain; valleys and ponds look deep and serene; waterfalls and springs are in different poses; vagarious peaks and stones are enveloped in mist; dense forests and lush grove emerge with poetic beauty. The scenic spot consists of Beiquan Temple, Tar River Bend, and Xuandu Palace. Sights in the scenic spot include the Bagua Pond, Jiuqu Pond, the place where Yan Zhenqing (a great calligraphist of Tang Dynasty) lay down his life with integrity, ancient steles, ancient pagodas, the Longhu Stone, the Toad Spring, the Fairy Cavern, the up-side-down old cypress trees, the Jiuqu Waterfall, the Eighteen Curves, and the “eight palaces, two temples, and a kowtow deck” ( eight palaces including the Doumu, the Xuandu, the South Sea, the Yuxu, the Zixiao, the Linying, the Wanshou, and the Yuzhen; two temples are the Qunxian Temple and the Huilong Temple). Leshan Mountain is made stand out with so many scenic spots around, which have aroused great interests of tourists far and near. As a holy land for Taoism and Buddhism, Leshan Mountain enjoys the same popularity as Wudang Mountain in the Ming and Qing dynasties (1368 – 1911 A.D.). Till now, there remains a continuous flow of pilgrims.

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you can reach by taking No.8 or No.16 bus

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20 Yuan/person

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