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Nanhai Buddhist Temple

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Nanhai Buddhist Temple is located in the southeast of Runan County, covering an area of 300 mu (about 200,000 square kilometers), and its total structure area is 50,000 square kilometers. With the funds the world-known monk, Mingcheng Buddhist priest, raised on his own, the temple was restored in 1992. Buildings and bas-relieves are the major carriers, embodying the connotation of Buddhism culture. Till now, the main part has been completed, which has a embryonic form of a Buddhist temple with the largest scale in the world. Looking down at the Mahavira Hall, the main building, it is a square, each side 80 meters in length. Known as “the largest hall in Asia,” the Mahavira Hall exceeds the Hall of Supreme Harmony in the Imperial Palace in Beijing and Dacheng Hall of Confucious Residence in Qufu City of Shandong Province in scale. Four flank halls: Tianwang, Guanyin, Wenshu, and Puxian are tall and magnificent with the edges of eaves turning upward. They are the equal of similar buildings in other holy lands of Buddhism in China. Nanhai Buddhist Temple is constructed on the beach land of Ruhe River. Looking down at the temple, it is in the shape of “shi” (a Chinese character) with enclosing wall that is 3 meters in height and over 5300 meters in length, and it is made of a mixture of bricks and concrete. In front of the temple is San Palace Gate. Inside the palace, a statue of Vajrabodhisattva stands in the each side. In the south of the temple is a palace complex with the Mahavira Hall in the center. The whole temple is compactly laid out and seems out-standing. With magnificent temples and grand palaces, it has an imposing manner. At the same time it enjoys the reputation as the largest Buddhist monastery in Asia.

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