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Chaya Mountain is the east branch of Funiu Mountain; also named Cuo’e Mountain, and Linglong Mountain. It is the landform of granite of unique shape. The whole mountain consists of Mila Hill, South Hill, North Hill, Liufeng Hill, and scenic spots of Tianmo Lake, Pipa Lake, Xiuma Lake, and Baihua Lake. It is known as “the most singular and beautiful mountain,” “China’s totem forest,” “a miniature garden in China,” “flown mountain,” and “stone forests to the north of the Yangtze River.” Beautiful scenery can be found almost everywhere on the mountain. With a height of 100 zhang (about 300 meters) and no aperture in it, Mila Hill towers majestically, tall and straight, as if it will penetrate into the sky. Laojun Hill looks like Taishanglaojun (character in Chinese legend) who is bald, leaning toward the northwest with his shoulders shrugged, as if he is refining magic pills. Tianmo Hill rises steeply above the ground. On the top are three huge stones that seem to make up a millstone. Caverns in the hill are all deep and narrow. Wanren Cavern has many small caves within it and can hold about 10,000 people. In Xinxinjin Cavern, a rivulet keeps running throughout the year. Rocks on top of the cavern jostle against each other. Therefore many small apertures are formed, through which the sun sheds its light into the cavern and makes the surface of the water glints. Baiyun Cavern is below the Tianwang Peak of North Hill. Sometimes clouds are blown out of the cavern. When Yan Zhenqing (a great calligraphist of Tang Dynasty) saw this, he wrote down “BieShiDongTian” for commemoration. Rocks of the hill are all monstrous. Frog Stone located on the peak looks as if it itches to have a go; Monkey Stones are vivid, just like Monkey King kneeling before the Buddha; Bajie Stone wears a simple and native look; Dorado Stone seems like a leaping fish greeting all visitors.

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Buses to the scenic spot are available in Zhumadian City and Suiping County.

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45 Yuan/person

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