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Suya Lake

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Suya Lake, known as the “man-made Dongting Lake,” lies 20 kilometers in the east of Zhumadian and was constructed in 1958. It covers a total area of 239 square kilometers with the dyke 35 kilometers in length. In China, It is the largest man-made plain reservoir with the longest dyke. The lake is such wide as the water and the sky blending into one. Multitude of wild ducks and geese inhabit here. Sometimes they fly together; sometimes they skim over the water; and sometimes they circle in the sky. These scenes add luster to the splendid scenery. Large amount of red carps, grass craps, silver craps, soft-shelled turtles, clams, and pearls, etc are cultivated in the lake. Thus it is abundant in aquatic products. At the east bank, the dyke stretches long and unbroken; at the west bank, the reeds and grass grow rankly in clumps; along the bank, the willows sway in the breeze. Standing on the dyke and looking into the distance, you can see that the water and the sky blend into the same color, and the vessels and sailboats look like twinkling stars scattered on the water; have a close look, you can see the wild ducks and geese flying together and fish swimming in the water. What a natural and distinctive Chinese painting!

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buses taking you directly to the scenic spot are available in every bus station in Zhumadian City.

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Recommended touring time: half a day

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