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Tongshan Scenic Spot

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Tongshan Scenic Spot consists of Tongshan Mountain, Tongshan Lake, and Yunwu Hill. It rises 681 meters above sea level with an area of 74 square kilometers. Many resources for scenic spots converge here, including mountain, lake, island, pond, waterfall, cavern, temple, revolution relic, fairy tale, legend, and historical event. Tongshan Scenic Spot combines “magnificence, steepness, unique, elegance.” It provides “one mountain, one lake, one temple, one sacred place” and enhances the beauty of natural scenery and cultural scenery.

Tongshan Mountain, originally called Dafushan Mountain, got its name as Dengtong, a famous military officer of Han Dynasty (206B.C. – 220A.D.), once cast coins here. It wins the reputation as “little Wudang” for it has the steepness of Hua Mountain and the elegance of Mountain Huangshan. The saying “its south peak is Wudang and north peak is Tongshan Mountain” is still popular today. Rich culture of religion of Tongshan Mountain has formed when moral teachings began developing since a Taoist and a Buddhist came to cultivate their moral character in Eastern Han Dynasty (25 – 220 A.D.). Beautiful scenic spots are too many to see, such as “one overbridge,” “two ancient temples,” “three palaces,” “four gateways,” “five cliffs,” “six caverns,” “seven fanes,” “eight landscapes,” “nine fantastic stones,” and “ten famous hills.” On the mountain, which is veiled in clouds, cliffs tower aloft; down the mountain are deep caverns and valleys and luxuriant vegetation; there are also jagged rocks in grotesque shapes, superb and extraordinary. Spring, waterfall, maple leaves, grotesque rocks, lakes, rivers, and temples enhance each other’s brilliance, making up a paradise.

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buses in Zhumadian Westerly Coach Station take you directly to the scenic spot.

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Recommended touring time: one day

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