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Liling Chinaware Making Base

Last updated by  at 2015/11/5

The other day, Zhou Bohua, Vice Deputy Secretary of CPC, Hunan provincial Committee and acting governor of Hunan province went to Liling City to handle official business and put forward higher requirement on the development of chinaware industry in Liling. He said: “We must make our china national” and he also expressed that the provincial government will give full support to help to make it a provincial chinaware industrial base. Last June, the leader of Liling Municipal government put in a report to relative provincial department to request that Liling chinaware should be developed as a symbolic industry in Hunan province.

In recent years, the developed countries have shifted their chinaware industry to the developing countries, which made our chinaware products account for a large portion in the international market. As the acceleration of the process of industrialization in Hunan province, the chinaware industry in Liling will turn a new leaf.

Liling municipal government put great emphasis on the development of chinaware industry, for it has advantage in its product. As early as in the end of Qing Dynasty, Liling china got its good fame all over the country, for it is as white as jade, as transparent as crystal, as thin as paper, if beat, the sound is as pleasant as that of beating huge rock. The Wucai glazed, invented in 1907, was awarded the gold medal in Panama World Exposition in 1915 and was titled the pinnacle of the art of east chinaware. Since the set up of new China, more than 50 kinds of chinaware product have been awarded good quality prize successively. And Double Phoenix have been awarded the national gold metal four times and chosen to be the national gift china. 

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