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Stone Inscription of Yao Majority's Big House Longzha

Last updated by chinatravel at 2016/4/30

The back garden and dooryard and four walls of Yao Majority’s Big House in Longzha Village were made to decorate the Big House by Yao Majority official Pan Chengcai who was promoted and became successful in Emperor Qianlong Years (1735 A.D.-1796 A.D.). There were 47 steles decorated around and at the bottom of the dooryard, and the steles were made up of three kinds: big size, middle size and small size. The big-sized ones were 1.46 m long, 0.35 m high, and the small-sized were 0.82 m long and 0.43 m wide. The two kinds are made of bluestones, on which carved the bass-relief of dragon, cattle head, and copper cash, and they were 35 pieces in total. The middle-sized were 0.82 m long and 0.43 m wide, and they were made of white marble, on which carved the bass-relief of jumping carps and fight between Monkey King and Red Child on the Fire Mountain, and they were 12 pieces in total.

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