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Zhuzhou Travel Guide

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Zhuzhou Overview

Zhuzhou was called Jianning in ancient times. In 214 A.D., Wu (a country in Three-kingdom Period) set up Jianning County here. In the first year of the rule by Emperor Taizong in Tang Dynasty, Jianning County was merged into Xiangtan. At that time, there were many Chu trees here, so it was also called Chuzhou. In 1190 A.D., the first year of Emperor Shaoxi in South Song Dynasty, it was renamed as Zhuzhou.

Where Is Zhuzhou

Zhuzhou is located by Xiang River in the east part of Hunan province. Because of abundant rainfalls, enough sunlight, short cold winter, a non-frost period as long as 286 days and an average temperature about 16°C to 18°C, it is very suitable place to plant various kinds of crops. And it is a fertile place in accordance with its name.

Zhuzhou City

Zhuzhou City

Zhuzhou is located by Xiang River and connects the north and the south, so it is a very important site which was ravished fiercely in wars in different dynasties, and it is also a place that every tourist has to pass. Zhuzhou has a total area of 11,420 km2 , of which city area covers 542 km2 . At the end of 1998, its total population reached to 3.6788 million. After the set-up of the People’s Republic of China, Zhuzhou became a key industrial city: the first aeroengine, the first electric power engine and the first hard alloy top harmer were all manufactured in Zhuzhou. And now, the four supporting industries here are machine-making, metallurgy, chemical industry and building materials.

How to Go to Zhuzhou

There are four key points of interest in Zhuzhou City, of which Emperor Yan’s Tomb in Yanling County is a national one, and Taoyuan Cave National Forest Park, Dajing Scenic Zone in Zhuzhou County and Yunyang Mountain Forest Park are province ones. The Emperor Yan’s Tomb is magnificent and the scenery in Taoyuan Cave is very gorgeous and attractive.

What to See in Zhuzhou

Zhuzhou is the biggest transportation hinge in the south of Yangtze River. Three railway lines, Jingguang (from Beijing to Guangzhou), Zhegan (from Zhejiang province to Jiangxi province) and Xiangqian (from Hunan province to Guizhou province) and national roads 106 line and 320 line all intersect in Zhuzhou City. And Sanna Road and Jingzhu high way go through the city. So from Zhuzhou, you can get to the east as far as to Zhejiang province, Jiangxi province and Shanghai City, to the west as far as to Yunnan province, Guizhou province and Sizhuan province, to the north as far as to Zhongyuan, and to the south as far as to Guangdong province and Guangxi province and Hongkong and Macau. Zhuzhu Railway Station is one of the national five top grade freight stations, with a frequency of meeting or sending out a train per 6.5 minutes. Zhuzhu North Railway Station is the biggest train organizing station in south China, every day, it handles 17000 trains and unmarshals 12000 trains. Xiang River which run by the city is open to navigation whole year, down the river you can get to Hengyang City, Guangxi province, up to Yangtze River and Dongting Lake. Zhuzhou port is one of the eight biggest ports in Hunan province, the containers can be shipped into Dongting Lake, Yangtze River. If you want to air-express goods, the Datuo airport is available, which is 30 km from Changsha City and 65 km from Huanghua International Airport, you can get to the capital of Hunan province—Changsha in less than an hour via high way.

City number: 0733

Post code: 412000

Population: 3.709 million

Districts: By the end of 1998, Zhuzhou had included Zhuzhou County, You County, Chaling County, Yanling County, Liling City, Hetang District, Lusong District, Tianyuan District, Shifeng District. And it had also governed 59 towns, 81 native places, 2480 villages and 17 street offices.