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The manufacture of firework in Liling also has a long history and it has been one of the supporting industries in Liling, and its


The chilli in Huangtu Mountain, You County, because of its good quality, is exported to South Asia and occident markets.


Liling, the chinaware city, with a long history of 1700 years of producing chinaware, is one of the eight chinaware bases in China and the export product accounts for one third of the national total export.

Big Plums

The big plums ripe in the last ten-day of a July and the first ten-day of August every year in Yanling county. They look like peaches and taste very good, and they are thick in flesh and in good quality.


The people in Yanling County grow dasheens very year. As dasheen food has peculiar effect on health care, it is called magic food in international market.

Antler Wine

The antler wine is made in Changchong Antler Wine Factory in Zhuzhou County. The wine is made from the antler cut from spotted deer, spring fetched from the ancient well “Dragon Spring” and more than 20 kinds of rare Chinese medicine.

Bamboo Floor Board

Bamboo floor board in fact belongs to pressed board made of many layers of bamboo. It is a kind of new construction material in high intension. It is good to lay floor and decorate house. And now there are two bamboo floor board making factories: Zhongguan and Huangguan.

Garlic, Ginger, Baizhi

There are three treasures in Chaling County: garlic, ginge and Baizhi, of which Baizhi is one of the three most famous Baizhi in China.

Clear Water Bamboo Shoot

It is the knocked product for export in Yanling County and is mainly exported to Japan and some countries and region in Southeast Asia.


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