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Lushan National Forest Park

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Lushan National Forest Park lies in the south of Zibo City. It covers Boshan District and Yiyuan County. The main peak rises 1108.3 meters above sea level and is the fourth highest mountain in Shandong Province. The features of sceneries there mainly include thick forests, bizarre stone,murmuring spring,pouring waterfall,vagarious mountain peak,sunrise,sea of clouds,fairyland. Far away from the city and the village, the park is an ideal place for summer thanks to its fresh air and cool weather. Lushan National Forest Park, which covers an area of 42 square kilometers, is built with the main peak of Lushan as its core. There are six scenic districts including Botanical Garden, the cloud-observing peak, twitter cliff, flower sea, East Sea and North Sea, and more than 140 scenic spots like, watching sunrise in clouds, melody from Heaven, unification of nature, sky-remedying stones. The touring routes run 50 kilometers. Sights like sunrise in clouds, the contest of four beauties, enjoying waves in moonlight, bird converging in summer days, stone labyrinth, a ray of light, flower sea, melody from Heaven, perilous peaks, Jujube Valley and Dentiangou waterfall, stone forest on Yudi Peak, Tuochan Temple, Daogou Forest Bathing Beach, Beiping watery region are of a high level of tour.

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How to Get There?
Take Bus No.1 to Boshan Station and then take Bus No.13 to Xiao Fengkou

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Opening Hours:
All day

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★ Tips: In Lushan, you can enjoy dainties, including delicious perennial herb pickles, sweet wild fruits, nutritious funguses and rare herb medicated food. The whole journey takes you 4 hours.

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