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The Ancient Qi City Relics Museum

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The Ancient Qi City Relics Museum lies in Linzi District, which is famous as the birthplace of world football and a national city of history and culture. The Qi State is one of the countries of the Zhou Emperor (around 1100BC-256BC). When the Tian (a noble family) defeated and replaced Qi, it was called “TianQi”, which is one of the Five Overlords in the Spring and Autumn Period (722BC- 481BC) and the seven rivaling states of the Warring States Period (475BC-221BC). The ancient Qi city is among the first batch of cultural relics protection units authorized by the State Council. With 48 important historical sites inside, it has won the title of the “Underground Museum”. The Qi History Museum is the first, an architecture feature of ancient castle fashion, and is one of the Ten Big Peculiar Museums of China. Three hundred and eight sets or pieces of delicate cultural relics displayed in the 15 exhibition halls show a panorama of the glorious history and culture of Qi state that lasted 800 years. Moreover, the Qi History Museum has won the Top Ten Elite Displaying Nomination Prize.

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Take Bus No.20, 6 to Linzi Station, and then Bus No.26 to the Ancient Chariots Museum

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★ Tips: Tour around the scenic district takes about one day.

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