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The Funerary Horses Museum

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The Funerary Horses Museum is the graveyard of monarchs and aristocrats of the Spring and Autumn Period (722BC- 481BC). More than 20 large or middle-sized tombs were discovered, in the fifth of which, large scales of the Pit of Dead Horses have been unearthed. The Pit of Dead Horses is on the east, west, and north sides of the tomb. It is 70 meters long both in the east and west sides, and 75 meters in the north side, it broads 5 meters, and the total length is 215 meters. According to the investigation, most sacrificial horses were robust horses of 6-7. They were killed and arrayed in a certain order. Over 600 horses could equip more than 150 chariots, equivalent to the entire military power of a small country. All these testify that Qi, as the leader of the Five Overlords in the Spring and Autumn Period, was so flourishing in its economy and strong in its military forces. It is confirmed that it was the tomb of QiJingGong, who loved horses ardently. The enormous scales of the Pit of Dead Horses show how luxurious he was and how prosperous Qi was at that time.

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Take Bus No.6, 20 from Zibo Station to Linzi, and then take specialized bus for touring No.5 to the Pit of Dead Horses.

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