Yiyuan Karst Cave

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The Karst Cave lies in the south foot of Lushan Mountain; it was opened to the public in 1991. According to the legend, the heaven has nine layers, i.e. highest heavens. As there are also nine large dwellings in the cave,and the scenery can definitely compete with heavenly palace in the legend, so it got its name. The Karst Cave originated from Ordovician rock that formed in Paleozoic during geochronology. The rock formation belonged to sedimentary rock, which formed about 440-500 million years ago, while the Karst Cave only has a history of around one million years. The Karst Cave is 518 meters long and 5-18 meters high. The round trip is about 1.2 kilometers. The cavern structure is steady and the type of chemical accumulation inside varies a lot, up to 37 types, among which seven are rare. Large amount of globular and acicular crystal, cottony stone, stone flower stone lotus are titled “the four unequalled in the heaven”. The Karst Cave is limestones carve with the largest stone flower area and amount of rare sceneries, so it is of important value concerning science and appreciation.

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Take Zibo—Yiyuan Bus to Tumen Town

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