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Zibo Travel Guide

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Zibo Overview

Zibo is a group-style city. It comprises five districts (Zhangdian, Boshan, Zichuan, Zhoucun and Linzi) and three counties (Huantai, Yiyuan and Gaoqing), with the Jiqing highway runs through it. Zibo is one of the five major tour regions and eight tour cities in Shandong province, and is a coastal city open to the world authorized by the State Council. Also is renowned as “Capital of Ceramics "and" City of Petrochemical Industry ". Zibo covers an area of 5938 square kilometers with a total population of 4.1314 million. It is rich in cultural relics and historical sites, and the natural scenery is exquisite.

District Code: 0533

Zip Code: 255000

Zibo, Shandong

Zibo City