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Chinese Museum of Colored Lights

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The theme of the museum is “lights”. Figures on the wall and rhombus windows of the lights consist of a skillful and impressive architecture complex of the palace lantern. The halls include Preface Hall, History Hall, Category Hall, Hall of Zigong Colored lights and so on. Different halls have their own arrangement, respective focus and various contents. Not only the culture and document of lights history from Paleolithic period to Republic of China are available, you can also see some typical colored lights home or abroad and the excellent products of Zigong once exhibited around the world. Because the artists absorb the essence as well as soul of different schools of colored lights and lights fairs, the colored lights are wonderful beyond your imagination. You could enjoy the Chinese styled mural, relief sculpture and appreciate the particular verve of Chinese lights culture when walking among clusters of lights. The museum forms a dense cultural atmosphere following the local customs inherited from ancient lights fairs or lights festivals. Since that, the exhibition pays attention to the combination of present and the past, essence and appearance, learning and entertainment, object and form, while focusing on former as well. In a word, the exhibition gives prominence to the value of history, art and admiration for the colored lights culture.

 The Chinese Museum of Colored Lights opened to the public in 1994. Tourists are welcomed all the time to appreciate the unique colored lights culture.

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