Historical Museum of the Salt Industry

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Museum of the Salt Industry is the only museum in China relating the history of the vitally-important salt industry in ancient times. On display are salt processing techniques, drilling equipment, and evidence of the advanced level of salt mining in Sichuan during ancient times.

Zigong Salt History Museum, previously called Xiqing Guild, was jointly invested by the Shanxi businessmen and built in 1736. Its artful and magnificent architecture is not only a masterpiece of the ancient building but also an invaluable cultural relic in the development of salt history. Therefore, it was put in the list of national preservation places in China. It displays the outstanding achievement in the salt history. In the museum, the visitors easily get the access to the only existing complete ancient churn drilling facilities. With the help of the modern science and technology, the museum vividly displays a great deal of valuable cultural relics, real objects and other historic pictures on salt history. Its significantly scientific and artistic value has made the salt history museum famous in China and around the world as well.

With the development of opening-up and the museum itself, the salt history museum has been becoming a cultural tour resort, which displays the salt culture, architectural arts of Xiqing Guild and Wangye Temple. It hosts a variety of exhibitions and entertaining activities yearly. In recent years, the museum hosted lots of exhibitions and accepted up to a million people-times. So the Salt History Museum has become a window to display the city’s history and culture to the outside.

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Take No.1、2、3、5、8、11、31、33、34、35、37 buses

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1. To the tourist group above 20, there will be 20% discount off. To the signed travel agency the discount will be 25%. It’s free for groups who are young people under legal age from May 1st, 2004 (but should take the valid identification). To students with students ID can get a 50% discount. Free for the under legal age young people with their parents. 2. There is a parking lot in front of the museum. 2 yuan per car.

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