Jianshan Natural Reserves

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Jianshan Natural Scenery Reserve has an elevation of 497.7 meters, occupying 287 hectares. It is famous for the forest and lake mountain view. There are seven scenic spots: Jianshan Lake, Nongtuan Mountain, Native Place of Ludeming at Lion Bay, Yong’an Ancient Town, Kaihou Palace, Hele Temple and Golden Silver Lake.

Jianshan Natural Scenery Reserve was built in 1955 and was given the name in 1986. The Jianshan Lake is 18 meters deep and 38 hectares wide. Under the azure sky with white clouds scudding slowly by the hills there look very much like emerald hairpins or jadeite bamboo shoots while the peaks the tufts of hair or green snail. The water surface round the spot is smooth as a mirror and so the reflections in the water seem to be more crystal-clear and charming.

Feeling the breeze in the branches, one is filled with content and reluctant to tear himself away from such a scene.

Walking on the red cobbled path, 5 kms, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the willow beside the lake and appreciate stone inscription. In the third lunar month in spring, it is worth coming to watch the charming peach blossoms, for there is a peach garden which is 4 hectares with more than 10,000 peach trees in it. Jianshan is also an ideal summer resort. And in the fall and winter, Jianshan can also give you the pleasure of finding and tasting the wild fruits in the forest.

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The time that the regular buses leave from the downtown to Jianshan is stable. From March 11th to April 6th, at 8:30、9:00、9:30 in the morning and 4:00、4:30、5:00 in the afternoon, there are altogether six buses every day. During weekends (from Friday to Sunday) they will add some lines. You can also take a taxi for your trip, which will cost you 30 Yuan also.

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1. The best season to Jianshan is spring and summer, because it is famous for its flowers, especially the peach flowers. When the Jianshan annual peach blossom affair comes, a wide variety of wild flowers can seen anywhere except peach blossoms. 2. The accommodation is very convenient, you can either go back to Zigong or stay in the local hotel to enjoy the farming life. 3. In Jianshan scenic resort, you can taste a lot of delicious food, such as condensed bean surd jelly, cured meat and all kinds of pickles. And if you like, you can also go to the tea garden to pick and make tea by yourself.

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