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The Ancient Xianshi Town

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Although experienced thousands of years, you can still find the charm of Xianshi. The town, Xianshi used to be a must way for transport the salt from the well salt in Zigong to the place out of Sichuan, known as the bright pearl on the ancient salt way. It is also famous for the four streets, four inns, five temples, three wharfs, a carp jumping over the Dragon Gate (means climbing up the social ladder or succeed in the imperial civil service examination) and three memorial gateways, nine tablets and ten fields. The elegant ancient buildings group and the prosperous Buddhism culture are also the highlights of this charming place. Therefore, Xianshi Town is named as the province grade historical cultural town.

With the reform and opening-up policy in 1979, there is a rapid development in this ancient town. Here you can find lots of ancient cultural and natural scenery. The name of this town also came from a beautiful tale. Xian means fairy in Chinese. It was said that the daughter of the Jade Empror (Supreme Deity of Taoism) was attracted by the intoxicating sent in the human world, so she left the heaven and fell asleep by the riverside of Fuxi River. From then on people named this riverside as Xiantan (the beach land had been visited by the fairy). The lingering charm of the art of ancient buildings and Buddhism culture fill this town, such as the architectures built in Ming and Qing Dynasty and the temples built in Ming Dynasty.

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How to Get There?
You can get there either by train or by bus. There are trains from Chengdu to Zigong everyday. You can also take a bus from Chengdu to Zigong. At the Zigong bus station there are regular buses to Xianshi everyday.

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1. The weather in Xianshi is very wild and rainy. The best season for travelling is May and June. During these two months, you can enjoy the best sunlit and enchanting scene of spring. The Golden Week from October 1st to 7th is also a good choice. Every year on October 1st the local government will hold Zigong Xianshi Ancient Town Customs Festival. 2. If you leave Zigong for Xianshi, you can return at the same day without accommodation. There are also some hostels in the town for accommodation (RMB10—30 Yuan per one). 3. There are various foods and stuffs from the countryside, which carry a strong characteristic of ancient Chinese agriculture style. Especially the condensed bean curd jelly that is a kind healthy food to lose weight.

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