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The Grand Buddha in Rongxian County

Last updated by chinatravel at 2016/4/20

The Grand Buddha (Dafo), built in the Tang Dynasty, is 36.67 meters high, carved into a cliff face overlooking the scenery of the whole county. Dafo’s head is 8.74 meters long, shouder is 12.67 metres broad, and the insteps, 3.5 meters, is wide enough for a picnic. With its magnificent manner, graceful lines, benign face and romantic charm, it receives the acclaim of “Enjoying the magnificence of Leshan Dafo and appreciating the beauty of Rongxian Dafo”.

A building used to shelter the giant statue was crashed down during a Ming Dynasty war. After several renovations, the present protective building shows the visitors all kinds of angels on Buddha. You can go to the top, opposite the head, and then descend to the feet for a Lilliputian perspective.

It would be a mistake to think of Rongxian as one big Buddha. For the Grand Buddha is situated in a monastery, Dafo Monastery, there are many other Chinese traditional monastery buildings, such as the temple for Mother Buddha, the building for arhat, Hall of Sakyamuni, and depository of Buddhist scriptures, ect. The whole buildings group is, in picturesque order, like a goose getting ready for flight.

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