West Lake

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The West Lake in Fushun is a natural lake, the shape of which is like a bottle gourd lying flat, and it is renowned for lotus. At the very beginning, the West Lake was a natural depression converged by the rainwater from the mountains around it—Zhongxiu, Shengui, Wuhu and Manao. And in the Song Dynasty, a lake began to take shape by laying stones on the banks. Dynasty after dynasty, a lot of buildings built over the lake—West Lake Hall, Huguang Pavilion, Lingbo Pavilion, Spring Breeze Pavilion and some others. Waves, pavilions, lotus flowers under the sunshine and the willows are a perfect delight to both the eye and the mind. A boat built following the example of the one on the West Lake in Huangzhou is a wonderful place to feast the guests.

In 1984, the local government appropriated money to reconstruct the West Lake. Now, it is more convenient for the visitors to enjoy the whole scenery of the West Lake. Standing on the zigzag bridge, a sculpture of lady Xizi, stepping on a stone lotus and bringing a flower basket, comes into your eyes and the amazing scenery of the lotus flowers can also make you forget where you are.

  In the north of the West Lake, it is the Wufu mountain which is clothed in a wild profusion of vegetation, and a memorial monument to revolutionary martyrs stands erect on the top the mountain. In the south of the lake, there is a cave which used to be the place for a master of Yi theory, Lijiangong, to learn.

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Take a taxi or a motor-driven tricycle.

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1. The best season to Fushun is summer for lotus. 2. The accommodation is convenient because the West Lake is not far away from the county seat of Fushun. 3. There are a lot of specialties in the local restaurants, such as: the West Lake tea, condensed bean curd jelly, and chilly sauce.

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