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Zigong Dinosaur Museum

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That was 150 million years ago. In this area there lived a large number of dinosaurs. According to the statistical data of disinterment, many kinds of dinosaurs, such as sauropodas, stegosaurs and pterosaurs etc. were unearthed in the range of only three square kilometers.  Dinosaur Museum was built in the site of disinterment. The Modern building protects precious fossils of dinosaurs and preservers the original appearance of disinterment site. Its entire model and arrangement of lighting are excellent. Dinosaur Museum and Xiqin Guild Hall are set off each other at a distance, and they have distinguishing features.

The construction of Zigong Dinosaur Museum began in 1984, the main body was completed in 1986 and opened to the public in due form in the spring of 1987. It covers an area of 25,000 square metres, with a building area of 6000 square metres and a display area of 3600 square metres, divided into three sections: museum buildings, green belt and accessory architecture. The main building contains fossil burial hall, central hall, fossils skeleton display hall, reporting hall and dinosaur environment hall. The dinosaur burial site has an area of 1900 square meters .The skeletons of many kinds of dinosaur strew at random, distributing in the horizontally outspreaded grit stone layers, which is a reduction of the huge dinosaur cemetery. In the fossils skeleton display hall, there are many recovered skeleton combinations and ancient vertebrate fossil specimen as well as a nearly 10 meters high “Tianfu E’mei Dinosaur.”,(‘Tianfu’ means E’mei Mountain is like paradise). The museum building is ramparted by natural gritstone, its exterior is coordinating with the whole dinosaur excavation site, which appears to novel, unique and spectacular.

There are hundreds of dinosaurs and fossil found in DaShanpu county, consisting of an integrated “Dinosaur fauna”. It is classified into three classes, 11 orders ,and 15 families .There are terrestrial animals, aquatic animals, amphibious animals and ancient flying vertebrate animals, for example, 20-meter long grazer lacertid feet dinosaur with long cervical vertebra, ferocious carnivorous dinosaur and many completely intact lacertid feet dinosaur with short cervical vertebra, and mere 14-metre long bird feet dinosaur. The most valuable is the earliest excavated Mid Jurassic stegosaurus and the newly found pterosaur, which filled up the blank of the history of dinosaur evolvement

 Scenic Spots

The museum is a unique architecture, covering an area of 25,000 square metres. Seen far away, it looks like piles of different sizes of natural gritstone. The simple and rugged exterior wall, which is sticked by 160 thousand teas like yellow ceramic tiles, has a prehistoric feature. There is a cavern in the entrance of the museum, with eight gold-plating words “恐龙群窟、世界奇观”(It means Dinosaurs’ cavern, a world wonder, written by Aiping Zhang) engraved on the stone folding screen. The interior museum has two parts with one underground, which mainly contain the first hall, a specimens display hall, a fossils burial hall, a central hall, a curiosity hall, the display hall describing the history of construction of the museum, and an area describing what the prehistoric world was really like. The tourists can acquaint themselves with the basic knowledge of dinosaur growth, evolution, and excavation by fossils and pictures.

The Specimens Display Hall 

More than 10 completely intact skeletons of different kinds of dinosaur and accompanying vertebrate excavated from DaShanpu Dinosaur fossils group site are exhibited here, in which the largest Tianfu E’mei Dinosaur is 20 meters long with head raising 10 meters, the smallest multi-teeth Yandu Dinosaur is only 1.4 meters long.

The Fossils Burial Hall

The large-scale DaShanpu Dinosaur fossils group site covers an area of more than 17, 000 square kilometers and 1, 350 square meters are now excavated and preserved. 40 individual fossil skeletons of 6 kinds of dinosaur and 4 kinds of accompanying vertebrate are exhibited here.

The Central Hall

As the prolongation of the fossils burial locale, there is an area of 350 square meters in the basement of the central hall. About 17 skeletons of dinosaur individuals are stacked here, representing the kernel and core of the DaShanpu fossils group.

Zigong matches the name of “The Land of Dinosaur”. It says “there are many dinosaurs in Sichuan, and Zigong has the most.” Besides the well-known DaShanpu Fossils Site, more than 160 places are found to be relics of dinosaur fossils in Zigong city. Now 10 completely intact dinosaur skeletons are obtained, and lots of dinosaur footprint fossils are discovered. A large-scale complete skeleton of the late Jurassic carnivore dinosaur and early Juassic Dinosaur footprint fossils group found in Zigong city are exhibited here.

The Curiosity Hall

By excavation, collection, and other means, Zigong Dinosaur Museum has stored a large number of fossils’ specimens of dinosaur and other vertebrates in the recent 10 years, many of which are fossil curiosities. They have significant scientific value in studying their configuration, classification, evolution, living habits, physiological characters, etc. To help people have an overview of Zigong Dinosaur Museum, to acquaint with dinosaur and other vertebrate fossils, and to obtain some scientific enlightenment, about 10 fossil curiosities are exhibited.

Prehistoric world

Hundreds of millions years ago, it was Mesozoic Jurassic era, the dinosaur is the master of the earth. At that time, the climate was tropical and humid; aquatic grass was plentiful and luxuriant; and trees were tall. It was the paradise for dinosaurs. To reflect the living conditions and environment of dinosaurs vividly. The Museum made some lifelike machinery dinosaurs which can shout and move by modern high-tech. They are allocated in the analog Jurassic era environment. You may feel like coming back to the real dinosaur era hundreds of millions years ago.  

Zigong Dinosaur Museum is abundant in Mid Jurassic dinosaurs. Since its completion and opening in 1987, with its rare fossil specimens, magnificent fossil burial locale, simple and elegant building style, and unique garden view, the Zigong Dinosaur Museum has become world renowned in the field of museums and tour gardens.

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Take No. 11, 35 bus in the city. Take a mini bus in the city, about 30 minutes Or take taxi to Dashanpu county by expressway, it will be faster.

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RMB 40 for foreign visitors RMB 20 for students with student ID RMB 20 for domestic visitors with identity card

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