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Buddhist Cave

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The Buddhist Cave gained its name for the 12 buddhist carvings in the cave. The rock carvings scattered in the north side cave and south side cave, there are 76 caves, 1993 carvings of different size, the theme of the carvings focused on Buddhism, and there are also some carvings of Taoism. Besides, there are 25 places with inscriptions. The carvings here started to be built in Tang Dynasy, reached its prime time in Northern Song Dynasty, the whole project took more than 400 years.

The statues in north side cave are mainly of Northern Song Dynasty, the most splendid carving in Buddhist Cave is “ The Three Buddhist of the West”, the height of these three statues is around 7 metres, the statue in the middle is Amitabha, the right one is the Bodhisattva Guanyin, the right one is the Bodhisattva Da Shizhi, they are in different manners, the carvings reached an exquiste artistic effect both in shape and in manner. “ The Three Buddhist of the West” are tall in figue, and beautifully shaped.

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