Mingshan Temple

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Mingshan Temple, also called Tiger Head Temple, is located on the precipice.The carvings there are works of Northern Song Dynasty, most of them are in good condition. There are 63 buddha carvings, 34 statues, and 29 spots with inscription of Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty. The carvings cover an area of 350 metres with great momentum, they are all very large, among them, there are 8 statues are 5 to 7 metres tall, 50 statues are 1 to 4 metres tall, the carvings are in different shape and manner, among them , there are carvings of Bodhisattvas, Buddha’s warriors. The carvings of Buddhist patriarch and Bodhisattvas have a benign countenance, and look perfectly relaxed, most of the carvings of Buddha’s warriors are of ferocious looking. The statues of Bodhisattva Guanyin, Bodhisattva Da Shizhi, Budhisattva Wen Shushili are 5 to 8 metres tall, the hands of Bodhisattva are stretch forward, with gauze kerchief on top of them; the left hand of Bodhisattva is put in front of the chest, with fingers closed up, and there is a thick sutra on top of it; the left hand of Budhisattva is stretch forward for 1.5 metres, with a sutra book in the hand, the weight of the book and its left hand reach more than 1000 Jin ( a traditional unit of weight in China), but they are still in good shape after thousands years’ history, this is due to the support of Kasaya (a patchwork outer vestment worn by a Budhist monk), which is 2.2 metres tall, this is the result of the use of Mechanics and Aesthetics. The carvings in the back cave are in semicircle shape, among the carvings, therea are 12 Warriors, they are 1.8 metres tall with vivid facial expression, some of them holding a long sword in their hands, some holding a pestle in the hands, with heads up and shouting, some are with open chests, and their hearts can be seen, some with their fists clenched, and glaring like a tiger eyeing its prey, they are all brave and fierce, guarding carefully, and protecting the Buddhas.


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