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Mumen Temple

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The structure of Mumen Temple is very unique with originality, it is a rare ancient architectural complex with tower building inside the pavillion, temple building outside the pavillion. The name Mumen Temple is derived from the fact that only the door of the temple is made of wood, other parts are made of stone. In 1956, the government of Sichuan Province listed Mumen Temple as Major Historical and Cultural Sites under province protection.

It is located in Qingliang Mountain, Shi Gupian region of Bamiao Village, which is 20 KM far from northern part of Anyue County. The temple started to be built in Ming Dynasty, there are stone mill with the name “ Dong Pu Chan Lin” in front of the temple. In the pavillion, buried great monk Wuji (1380─1446)of Ming Dynasty.

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