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Sleeping Buddha

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The sleeping-buddha in Anyue has more than 400 years history than the sleeping-buddha in Dazu. There are carved scripts with more than 400,000 characters, they are the earliest translation version of sutra passed down by Xuanzang (a great monk of Tang Dynasty), and are considered as national treasure. In 1998, the State Council announced Anyue Sleeping-Buddha Temple as Major Historical and Cultural Relic under State Protection. It is located at the ancient passway between Chengdu and Chongqing.

The carvings are distributed in the wall of northern and southern crags with the shape of a Chinese character “几”. Within the area of 0.5 km, there are 139 caves of different size, the total number of the statues is 1593. These works are simple, succint with sprightly style. The most magnificent statue is “The Nirvana Picture of Sakyamuni”, which lies in the 4th cave on the north, the statue also called “sleeping-buddha”. It is carved in the wall of the cliff, which is 5 metres above gound, the total length of the statue is 23 metres, the length of the head is 3 metres, the width of the shoulder is 3.1 metres.

The buddha is facing south with its head toward east, feet toward west, its left side lying against the ground, hands are put naturally on the legs. The facial expression is well-developed and peaceful, with its eyes closed, just like having a nap. The Sleeping-buddha is a slender figure in a kasaya with its chest uncovered, a pair of flower ring in its ears, its head leaning against a lotus leaf pillow, showing a vivid picture of the scene when Sakyamuni was dying.

Above the head of Sleeping-buddha, there stands a statue of a guard, it is 1.9 metres tall with naked upper body, clenched left fist and wide open eyes looking around with great caution. Beside the feet of Sleeping-buddha, there stands a 3 metres tall guard with its right fist clenched and has frowning brows and angry eyes, which give people a awe-inspiring impresion.Above the sleeping-buddha, there are carvings of Sakyamuni Lecturing, and the statue of Deva, Naga, Yaksa, Grandharra, Asura, Garuda, Kimnara, Mahoraga, they are bodhisattvas, disiples, strong men, ghost king, the carvings are vivid in shape and expression, showing a solemn scene of listening to and guarding Buddhist doctrine, the carvings also incisively describe the sad, worrying, crying, dignified facial expression of all the diciples when Sakyamuni lecturing nirvana sutra.

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