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Ziyang Travel Guide

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Ziyang Overview

Located in Sichuan Province, Ziyang is a city with rich travel resources. The Rock Carvings in Anyue County inheried the features of Dunhuang Grottes, Yungang Grottes, and Dragon Gate Grottos, inspired the construction of “ Dazu Rock Carvings”. There are over 100,000 carvings, Ziyang was honored “ The Land of Grotto Folk Art in China” by the Ministry of Culture.

Lezhi County is the hometown of Chenyi, the great revolutionist, strategiet and poet.The famous hometown of General Chenyi has attracted tourists around the world throughout the year.

Jianyang City, also called “The Back Garden of Chengdu” has many senic spots, such as White Tower of Shengde Temple, Longquan Lake and Sancha Lake tourism zone, that is Longquan Lake, well-known senic spot of Sichuan Province─Sancha Lake. Yanjiang District of Ziyang City is the place where the fossil of the skull of “Ziyang” people was found, they lived during the end of the Paleolithic period.

These senic spots have formed the special feature of Ziyang tourism industry, that is “ a beautiful scenery of lakes, Hometown of the general and Anyue Grottos.”

City Code: 0832
Post Code: 421000
Inquiry tel: 0832-96927
Administrative area: one section: Yanjiang, three counties: Anyue, Lezhi , two cities: Ziyang, Jianyang.
Area: 7962 square kilometres
Population: 4,880,000