How We Help Your Tour Be More Fun and Local

China Travel gets you closer to Chinese culture, history, scenery and local life. Our mission is to help you create a unique tour full of pleasure and oriental beauty, using our experience of helping 1,800 visitors annually from all over the world to customize their itineraries.

We can facilitate your participation in some special programs, like taking care of cute giant pandas, exploring the Forbidden City in a unique way, and learning how to make dumplings.

We care about our customers’ feedback, which we use to optimize products. Our number 1 priority is to please you and to improve your travel experiences.  

Now, please take a little time to hear my story. I’ll make it short.

Meet the Family

I’m CT and I was born in 1998. That makes me 18 years old, an energetic young adult. I have a happy family. My family believes traveling a lot broadens one’s horizon and makes one see things differently. It’s passionate about travel and likes to explore local cultures. So do I.

Picky Team

My family members are nice but they are picky about travel, even when they are short of finance. While still young, they tend to travel economically. By comparing hotels, attractions, restaurants, transportation and service, they create great-value tours. After they become rich and have more travel experience, they are even pickier. Then their priorities change to focus on comfort, cultural and local experiences, and good-quality service.

Rich Experience

With over 60 years of different-style travel experience and tour service experience, my grandparents and parents know how to travel like a local, how to make a trip more memorable and how to discover beauty. We all understand China and Chinese tourism. Thus, celebrities have also chosen to tour China with my family. For example, we hosted President Nixon and his wife in 1976, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet in 1995, and the Los Angeles Lakers basketball star Andrew Bynum in 2009, while they were traveling around Guilin.

18 years ago, my family realized that with internet they can help even more people who are not familiar with China but would like to be, to fulfill their dreams. That’s when I was born. Till now, I’ve helped more than 30,000 visitors create their own itinerary to realize their China tour dreams. I’m a member of China Highlights International Travel Service Co, Ltd. Together we serve over 10,000 satisfied customers each year.

Vicky Wen

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Vicky Wen

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Why Choose China Travel

Great Value

  • Best value itineraries; Flexibility to customize
  • Semi-independent tours; Products optimized using customer feedback

Best-Rated Service

  • Worry-free China tours; TripAdvisor recommendations
  • We care about online customers’ concerns and requirements.

Deeper Cultural Experiences

  • Local activities for cultural experiences
  • Insightful local guides with a wide Knowledge of Chinese history and culture

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