Anhui Festivals

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Mt Jiuhua Temple Fair- July, August

The Mt Jiuhua Temple fair is held each year for a month in Mt Jiuhua’s beautiful spots. During the fair, various activities are organized such as enriching the tourism culture in the area, upgrade and transformation. It is often said that the temple fair has a more than 1000 years’ history and is listed in the national cultural heritage of China. It includes activities such as commodities exhibition, Symposium of monks, Uncovering of Buddhist Figures and much more.

The International Tourism Festival of Mt. Yellow- October, November 

Huangshan International Tourism Festival

The tourism festival in Mt Yellow includes activities such as consulting meeting for tourism trade, activities to attract commodities and investment exhibitions, touring the Huizhou ancient architecture and Mt Yellow, performance of folk customs, lantern gathering and much more. 

The International Tourism Festival of Huangshan- October

Mount Yellow Festival

This tourism festival is held each year at the Huangshan City in October. The Huangshan Mountain is located in East China in the Anhui Province is known for scenic spots. It is celebrated for its four mountain scenery wonders- hot springs, cloud seas, oddly shaped rocks and beautiful peaks. The mountain itself is beautiful, magnificent, straight and tall and is a huge tourist attraction. The tourism festival is highly acclaimed by foreign and domestic tourists. It has introduced the Huangshan Mountain to tourists from every part of the country and the world and has brought it into the limelight. 

The Chinese Festival of Flower-Drum Lanterns Dance and Song- September

The Chinese Festival of Flower

The Chinese Festival of Flower Drum Lanterns Dance and Song is celebrated along with the Flower Drum Lantern Fair of the Anhui Province. The location of the festival is in the Bengbu City at the Longhu Stadium. This festival mostly focuses on the theme of showcasing the red, beautiful flower drum lanterns. It also focuses on building a brand new Bengbu. The festival includes an opening ceremony with various theatrical performances, the original and ecological show of flower drum lantern, cultural investment and much more. Bengbu is also home to various other festivals such as the Bengbu Trade and Investment Fair, the Flower Expo and many more. 

The China Opera Art Festival of Anqing Huanmei

Huangmei Opera Festival

Anqing is known as the epicenter of Huangmei Opera. The festival of Opera Art in Anqing Huangmei has been celebrated each year since 1992. Visitors get the opportunity to enjoy new operas, classical operas as well as enjoy various other types of local cultural forms like crafts and acrobatics. Artists and experts from around the country gather at the local to discuss the local economic and cultural developments. People from around China and other parts of the world attend the festival to enjoy the performances and Opera shows. 

The Huainan Tofu Festival- September

The Huainan Tofu Festival

The Huainan Tofu Festival is held each year in the Huainan City in the Anhui Province. Huainan is regarded to be the birth place of bean curd or Tofu. The city has successfully organized this tofu festival for as many as 16 years consecutively since 1992. This festival has a different theme each year. The 17th edition of the festival had the theme of “ Sharing, Cooperation, Continuity and Communication”. The festival aims at enhancing and combining local economy and the culture to display the city’s unique charm in a better way along with the promotion of economic investment and social participation.
This is also the only festival which is simultaneously held in Taiwan and Huainan and it serves a very important bond with these two straits and connects the public festivities, culture, trade and showcasing the image of the city. It includes activities such as an exhibition of various bean curd products, paper cutting show, investment environment conference and much more.

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