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Anhui Transport

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Anhui Transport System

Anhui Province located in Eastern part of Peoples Republic of China consists of an area of 139,400 square kilometers of land and it has a population of 59,500,510 people. Obviously, this population needs a good transport system that provides solutions to their transportation needs.

They are provided with this facility with a network of highways, a system of rail tracks and with a number of airports that provide them with air transport facilities. The following is an effort to produce some details of this transportation system.

Transportation in the city of Hefei

For passengers who arrive in Hefei by air, there are ample transport facilities to the city center. The cheapest is the bus. It comes within every few minutes. When you pay just 1CNY you have the option to travel to downtown Hefei in a few minutes. Taxi is another option and the cost is just 20CNY. In case anyone wants to get around in the city of Hefei the best way to do that is to take a bus. The bus service starts at 6.00am and continues till 8.00pm. There is also the possibility for you to take a bus till 11.00 pm but they are not regular. It is chap to travel by bus.

Reaching Hefei by train

In case one wants to reach Anhui province from anywhere in China, the best way is to take a high speed train. It is comfortable and is cheap. Also, you will reach your destination quickly as their bullet trains travel at a speed of 250 kilometers per hour. You could take the bullet train to one of the three stations of the province served by the bullet train and detour in order to take another train to reach the provincial capital. There are trains during day time as well as during night time so that you could plan your trip the way you want.

Reaching the city of Hefei by bus

There are long distance busses plying between Hefei and many other cities in China. Therefore, you have ample opportunity take one in order to arrive in the capital of the Anhui province. From the main bus station of the city you have the facilities to take busses to such locations as Beijing, Xian, Tianjin, Zhengzhou and many other cities located in other provinces. Since   Hefei is the city where two national highways of No.312 and 206 join together it has become a transport hub.

Getting around in the city by bus

When you want to get to your hotel in downtown Hefei or when you want to get around in the city, the best mode of transport is to take a bus. The bus fare to reach anywhere in town is just 1CNY. However, there is no way you could find change in the bus. Therefore, you need to have your change ready. The busses sometimes are crowded. Therefore, you may need to wait a bit for a bus that has room. However, busses arrive at regular intervals.  There are quite a few bus terminals from where you could board a bus to get to your destination. They are cheap, comfortable and available at anytime of the day till almost 11.00 pm. Even to come to the airport on your return journey, you could take a bus easily and save. Taxis are also not expensive. It will cost you only 20CNY to get to airport by taxi.

Airports in Anhui

There are 50 Chinese domestic airports that are being served by the province’s air transport services. Most of these Flights originate from the provincial capital of Hefei. In addition to the domestic flights cities of Hefei and Huangshan are connected to Hong Kong and Macau with scheduled flights. There are also chartered flights operating from Anhui province to many other international destinations such as Singapore, Malaysia, Korea and Thailand. These flights are operated regularly. There are also the domestic airports within the province that are being served by airlines regularly. Anging, Wuhu, Fuyang and Bengbu are such airports.

Railway in Anhui

In 2011 two cities of Anhui province, Chuzhou and Bengbu have been connected to Beijing and Shanghai with high speed railways. Therefore, travelling time from these two major cities of China to the province of Anhui has come down to just a couple of hours. In addition to that there are passenger rail links that connect Nanjing and Wuhan. These also are operated with high speed railways. The conventional railway lines are there to connect most of the major cities of the province to one another. These also are used for the transport of goods as well as passengers.

Highway in Anhui

Capital and the largest city of the province Hefei is connected to other cities of the province as well as the major cities in China with a network of highways. There are 66 provincial highways that connect the provincial cities to one another and the number of national highways that run through the province is 9. Therefore, the road network is able to provide quick access to any remote area of the province. The total length of the highways in the province is 12,200 kilometers. Hefei is connected to Nanjing , Wuhu, Wuhan and Jingdezhen with express ways. There is also an express way that connects the capital of the province with cities of Tangling and Huangshan.

Waterway in Anhui

Since the province of Anhui has three rivers flowing through it, there is ample opportunity to freight goods by ship. There are as many as seven ports at which ships could berth. Wuhu port is able to handle ships weighing as much as 10,000 tons while other ports are able to handle smaller ships that weigh 5000 tons. Since the province of Anhui has access to international sea routes as it is connected to them with internal waterways, it could easily access international ports to transport goods. The three rivers involved are the Yangtze, Huai and Xinan. 

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